Our Mediation Team (MT)

The Value of Experience  in Working with High-Net-Worth Couples

Having a mediator who is highly experienced is invaluable in your divorce experience and outcome. If a mediator is not an Arizona licensed attorney, that means your most important documents that define your financial estate and your plans for your children (your divorce decree and parenting plan) are being drafted by a document preparer at best. The intricacies of unraveling business interests, properties, unique compensation plans, investments, and the specific needs of your kids are best addressed by working with highly sophisticated and knowledgeable professionals. Only these types of professionals are invited to be a part of Modern Mediation’s Collaborative Mediation Team (MT)©.

Meet Your Collaborative Mediation Team

Mara Linder, JD MA

CEO and Lead Mediator

Your Mediator – over 31 years as a licensed Arizona attorney; therapist; professor of counseling and psychology, professional mediator for over 17 years; experience in drafting thousands of contracts.

Mara started her legal career with the prestigious law firms of Gallagher & Kennedy and Steptoe & Johnson. While practicing law, she obtained her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling with highest distinction and subsequently taught as an Adjunct Professor of Counseling Psychology at Argosy University. Mara is an active member of the State Bar of Arizona and has taught and published in the legal field and the counseling field. She served as President of the Arizona Counselors Association. Memberships past and present include the Alternate Dispute Resolution, Family Law, and Probate and Trust Sections of the Arizona State Bar, the Association for Conflict Resolution, the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution, the Employee Assistance Professionals Association, the Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Arizona Collaborative Colleagues, Phoenix Collaborative Professionals and Mediate.com.

Your CDFAs

Certified financial professionals who are either (1) Arizona licensed attorneys or (2) highly seasoned and certified Arizona financial professionals are invited to be part of Modern Mediation’s Collaborative MT©

Kristyn Carmichael

Kristyn Carmichael, JD, CDFA®

Divorce Financial Coaching

Ms. Confinance

Renee Hanson

Renee Hanson, CFP®, BFA™, CEP®, CDFA®, ChFC®

Private Wealth Advisor

Affinity Wealth Advisory Group

Matt Hanna

Matt Hanna, CFP®,APMA® , CDFA®

Financial Advisor

Affinity Wealth Advisory Group

Your Retirement Professional

Licensed Arizona attorneys with expertise in retirement issues are part of Modern Mediation’s Collaborative MT©

Daniel S. Riley, JD

Daniel S. Riley, JD

Daniel is a Board-Certified Specialist in Family Law and a Certified QDRO Professional. His primary practice area involves the valuation and division of retirement assets. Daniel will help you ascertain community interest in your retirement accounts as well as prepare any necessary division documents, such as Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (QDROs).

Your Divorce Coaches

Certified professionals who are either (1) licensed counselors or (2) certified divorce and co-parenting coaches with years of experience are included as part of Modern Mediation’s Collaborative MT©

Karen Dorsey

Karen Dorsey, MEd, CDC®

Certified Divorce Coach, Co-Parenting Specialist
Dr. Vallery Coats

Dr. Vallery Coats, EdD, MC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Divorce Coach

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