How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take?

Not every divorce has to be an agonizing, drawn-out brutal fight. Many divorcing couples decide instead to be amicable and collaborative about the whole process. When the decision is made to divorce, they want to separate as peacefully as possible using mediation. There are so many advantages to this method and one of them is the benefit of time. As its popularity grows, people want to know more about it. One of the most common questions we get is how long does divorce mediation take?  We’ll explore the answers fully in this blog, but in summary, divorce mediation can be a short, compassionate, and fair process that is far more beneficial to all parties than a traditional divorce.

What is a Divorce Mediation?

Mediation for a divorce is very much like a mediation of any kind. Separating or divorcing couples meet with the mediator to work out the details of their divorce including short-term and long-term agreements. It is a small series of meetings that address concerns and set the parameters for the final divorce agreement. If the mediator is a licensed attorney, then all of the official court documents and the settlement agreement can be prepared by your mediator. Then it is simply a matter of filing with the Court and waiting for the Judge to sign the divorce agreement paperwork and mail it back to you.

What Usually Happens in a Divorce Mediation

Every mediation we arrange is designed to make the process as pleasant (or at least less stressful) as possible. Divorce is hard enough and mediation is a great way to lower the temperature. Each party is given the time to state their needs and wants and the mediator assists in bringing both parties to a mutually workable agreement. This is usually accomplished by helping the participants focus on the best possible outcome and keeping the most important things in mind. An agreement is reached and the divorce is finalized using our 5 Step Process.

How Long Does it Take to Process Mediation?

The time it takes to complete a divorce using mediation is usually far shorter than the alternative legal battle format that can, unfortunately, drag on for years. Working in tandem to reach the ideal conclusion with both parties saving time and money is one of the major benefits of divorce mediation so that it can happen as quickly as a few months. Most of our divorce mediation couples complete their divorces in 3 – 5 months.

Our Highly Successful 5 Step Process

Our 5 step process involves the following:

  1. Order the ‘Pre-Mediation Package’. This sets the groundwork for a successful mediation between the divorcing couple and allows you to save time and money by preparing your agreements on the biggest issues for fast resolution.
  2. Schedule your first session with one of our qualified mediators. From this point we can guide you through the entire process, using your “homework” to quickly work out the plan.
  3. File your initial court documents. We will assist you with the paperwork and make it simple and clear.
  4. Decide on a financial plan, and if appropriate, a parenting plan. Tackle the most important questions and the simpler decisions will follow easily.
  5. Finalize your divorce decree. We prepare all the final divorce materials including your ‘Consent Decree of Divorce’ and make sure the sometimes intricate rules are clear and comprehensible. We can then file for you, or give you instructions to do it yourself. Once it is signed by the judge and returned to you, the divorce is final.

So, if this is a process that you need or that you think would be good to know more about, please Schedule a Consult to understand how much better this process can be than the alternatives. You can reach out to us at 480.780.3798
and we are happy to help.

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