Introducing a Fresh Approach to Divorce

You know about your friends’ nasty divorces or maybe you’ve been through an intense legal battle with a prior divorce or other litigated case. Why does it have to be this way? It doesn’t. There’s no magic or secrets to the legal and financial side of the divorce process. You divide your assets and debts; determine if there will be spousal maintenance (alimony); and, if you have kids, a parenting plan. So, why spend years in a nasty divorce process and $100,000 or more on attorneys and experts?

So many people have shared their “war stories” with me about their divorces and lamented over how the process was so brutal. Someone told me the other day that her divorce was “horrific.” That is so unsettling.

Having a substantial estate does not mean you have to hire lawyers to protect yourselves. In fact, the time and money spent on lawyers and the emotional wear and tear and time suck of litigation seems the opposite of protecting yourselves. There is a different way.

After working for many years with thousands of divorcing couples, I have developed a fresh approach to divorce. I am pleased to introduce our innovative Collaborative Team Mediation© (CTM©) process designed for high net worth couples and families. This is a paradigm shift from the traditional 2 attorney model.

But what is CTM©?

  • A team of curated professionals to assist with all aspects of the financials, retirement planning, parenting, emotional and unique complexities in high-net-worth estates
  • Access to high end Estate Planning and Divorce attorneys to assist, as needed, on a limited scope basis
  • Exclusive access to your Collaborative Team Leader as your personal concierge guiding you throughout the process
  • A process that lays the foundation for a friendship after divorce
  • Tools and support for an amicable Partnership in Parenthood
  • Innovative strategies for maintaining your wealth
  • Small boutique environment

Value your time

In most cases, you can move through the Collaborative Team Mediation© process quickly and efficiently. Get back to doing what you do and what you love and focus on your and your family’s future.

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