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Most who know me are aware of my passion for mediation and doing it differently than the typical mediation process in Arizona. I struck out on my own when I opened Affordable Mediation in 2010 after working for another mediation company for almost 3 years because I wanted to challenge the status quo and offer something unique and accessible. Drawing on my counseling background more than my legal career, I created a positive psychology-based mediation practice for couples and families that was more affordable than even other mediation companies around at that time. The response and growth was rewarding. Over the past 16 years, I’ve learned, by trial and error, tools and tips that are really helpful for divorcing couples as well as some “oops” on how not to do things. I also found I enjoyed delving into the tax, business, legal and personal complexities that make up families and their lives in order to provide options to maximize health and friendship, even in a divorce scenario.

As my expertise and “ah ha” moments expanded and grew, I had the idea for a bit of a paradigm shift and wanted to offer more of a Team approach in order to best support the families moving forward through divorce. In working with quite a few high net worth couples and families, I discovered the unique nuances that applied to their situation that I believed would be better served with additional highly professional resources. My idea germinated and blossomed in the Spring of 2023 into Modern Mediation: A Boutique Divorce Firm and birthplace of Collaborative Team Mediation©

Mara Linder

Founder, CEO, Attorney, Mediator

One of the most experienced Divorce Mediators in the Valley.

What’s different and exciting about Collaborative Team Mediation©, aside from the fact that no one else offers this approach, is that it’s client-centered and guided by a mediator who happens to be an Arizona licensed attorney. However, divorce attorneys are not present during the mediation sessions. They have only a peripheral, limited scope involvement in the process. Why is this amazing? Because true mediation is not a legal process. It was derived from counseling theories that posit if you provide people a supportive, non-judgmental, safe environment, they will naturally seek health and resolution. And why do I believe this? Because I’ve seen it work thousands of times in my mediation sessions over the years. When you remove litigation strategy (and lawyers) out of the mediation room, the focus is on the couple’s real goals and wishes for themselves and their kids. Mutually agreeable solutions appear. Now, add in the support of other professionals who have the specific expertise to craft unique, long-lasting, workable options so that high net worth couples with complex estates can emerge through divorce in a peaceful and healthy manner. And you have Modern Mediation’s Collaborative Team Mediation©.

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