5 Tips For A Fair Divorce Mediation

If you’re looking to divorce without all the bitter fighting, attorneys, and high costs, divorce mediation may be for you. Divorce mediation allows you to have a fair and compassionate divorce where both parties are respected and heard. By mediating your divorce, you and your spouse can emerge better than before with a divorce plan about which you can both fully agree.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work In Arizona?

In 2019, over 21,000 marriages were dissolved in the state of Arizona. The majority of these couples ended their marriages through expensive lawsuits. But, many could have saved money and time by using divorce mediation services instead.

In Arizona, divorce mediation takes a team effort approach to divorce. It is a voluntary process in which both spouses are joined by a neutral third party (the mediator) who helps them work through their disputes and plan for the future rationally and respectfully. Other team members can be brought in as needed, such as divorce coaches, certified divorce financial analysts, retirement specialists, tax and estate professionals.  Unlike a judge in a divorce court case, a mediator cannot force the couple to make any particular decisions regarding childcare, alimony payments, or property rights. The couple makes all decisions about what is best for each of them and their family.

Is Mediation A Good Idea In Divorce?

Mediation is an excellent alternative to the traditional divorce process if you’re on good terms with your spouse. It’s also more affordable than hiring a divorce attorney. In Phoenix, the average cost using divorce lawyers can run about $30,000.00 or more.. Meanwhile, the average cost of mediation can be as low as $4,500. Mediation is much faster than divorce as well, meaning you can get on with your life more quickly.

How To Divorce Peacefully

Divorce doesn’t have to be a nasty legal battle that costs thousands and takes months or years to settle. Many couples have and do divorce peacefully. Here are some tips on how you can do the same:

  • It’s a Team Effort. Even though a divorce involves two people leaving each other, it should still be looked at as a team effort. That way, you’ll arrive at decisions with mutual respect and understanding.
  • Consider Mediation over Litigation. Mediating your divorce instead of using attorneys is one of the simplest ways to have a peaceful divorce. It encourages you and your spouse to work together to make decisions that benefit both of your futures.
  • Define Your Goals. You should know what your goals are before going into mediation proceedings. What’s most important to you, and what are you willing to budge on?
  • Be Understanding. Even if you and your spouse get along well, divorce is never an easy process. Be understanding of this and allow yourself the space to get frustrated along the way.
  • Have an Open Mind. Be prepared to be kind and respectful to yourself and your spouse during a divorce. Having an open mind to things your spouse says or suggests while remembering to remain kind will improve your experience.

What Is A Fair Divorce?

Many couples choose to do divorce mediation because it allows them to reach an agreement that both sides feel is fair. A fair divorce is different for everyone, but it can generally be reached by addressing each person’s needs and goals in a manner that works for everyone.

Your Divorce Mediation Checklist

With nearly two decades of experience in divorce, Modern Mediation offers a blended approach to divorce mediation. With both a legal degree and a Master’s in Professional Counseling, I lean into the more human side of divorce. My style is to approach divorce mediation using a counseling lens, with the aim of having families emerge from a divorce better than they were before.

Schedule a Consult to learn more about divorce mediation, and if you are ready to hire a mediator, give us a call at 480.780.3798.

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