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Highest Level of Service: At Modern Mediation, we provide full boutique divorce support tailored to your specifications. Move forward in a respectful manner while maintaining control of your outcome.

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What We Do

Introducing our innovative Collaborative Team Mediation© process designed for Couples and Families who value an individualized and private approach for their Divorce.

As a paradigm shift from hiring 2 attorneys to engage in an extensive legal battle, we have created a healthier process with a personal, private approach for you. You control the outcome and still have full financial, legal and emotional support while maintaining your resources for you and your family. You will have a personal divorce concierge with your chief Mediator and collaborative Mediation Team©.

Private and Confidential Instead of exposing all of your personal and financial information in the public record in a litigated divorce, we offer you the option of keeping most things private and confidential.  If you also want to protect your personal privacy, we can meet with you in a private setting of your choice or only meet virtually.

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We only accept a limited number of clients to ensure you receive our exclusive attention and premier service.

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Who We Are

Modern Mediation is spearheaded by its Founder, Mara Linder, a highly experienced Arizona Licensed Attorney and seasoned Mediator. Her background in counseling psychology has been the catalyst to her positive psychology approach to divorce mediation and seeking innovative processes to challenge the status quo. She has curated a Team of professionals to provide expert financial, legal and emotional guidance and support tailored for the discerning couple. What has emerged is a personal, private approach in a small boutique environment.

Achieve a more peaceful divorce, maintain a friendship, feel confident in your plan to move forward. Mediation is a much gentler, more sensible and faster process than litigation. With private, compassionate, and personal mediation sessions, you can refocus on your core goals and values and cut out the noise, conflict, and waste inherent in a litigated divorce.

Whether you have little ones or they are already at university or adults, you want the best for your kids. Mediation keeps their needs at the forefront in designing your divorce plan and agreements. You can transition your relationship from Partners in Marriage to Partners in Parenthood. Families can emerge stronger and healthier and remain intact post-marriage.

Divorce can have a financial impact. With Mediation, creative options to maximize your wealth and minimize the cost of divorce are explored. Instead of spending years and $100s of thousands in court with attorneys, you can move through the mediation process quickly, efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of traditional divorce litigation. Get back to doing what you do and what you love and focus on your and your family’s future.

A Good Divorce

You can have a good divorce. I have seen it. Thousands of times. If you are both willing to be open to an alternative, amicable process where you can move forward from conflict to peace, you can do this.

Secure your Financial Well-Being

Our breadth of experience with highly complex estates, complicated financials, and unique divorce situations enables us to synthesize extremely intricate financial information and help you create concise, sensible, reasonable asset and debt equalization approaches. We have experience with:

  • Businesses: small family owned to large corporate entities
  • Trusts & Estate Plans
  • Multiple Properties – Residential and Commercial
  • High Net Worth portfolios
  • Stock Options, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Performance Stock Units (PSUs), Long-Term Incentive Plans (LTIPs) and other unique compensation structures